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A Hand-Crafted Collection of 1650 NFTs

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NeonFlufs NFT Collection

A collection of 1650 NeonFlufs stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each hand-crafted by 10 leading NFT Artists. NeonFlufs are Original Remixes of the Fluf World NFT Collection

You won't find a cooler Wing-Fluf than a NeonFluf for your next crazy night out! 1/10 Limited Editions 1/25 Rare Editions. 150 unique designs, traits and personalities, some of them pretty trippy & psychedelic tbh! :)

Created by and in collaboration with Jonny Caplan (FutureSurfer), Tom Laroc, Ishita (SoulCurryArt), Yossi Kotler Art, Shadi Shaay, Jafeth (AllYourLittleFaces), Jimena Buena Vida, Dr. Lemny, ArtBtJaqui, Jake-Andrew Nason, NFT BAZL +.

Owners granted access to the NeonFlufs Collectors Club, to be notified ahead of public launch of future drops, collections and events. NeonFlufs will feature on NFTme. We don't do discord, its full of spammers! 10% of all sales go to charitable causes.

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NeonFlufs Collectors Club

Join a savvy group of NFT collectors & get exclusive perks!

Exclusive Perks, Value & Utility

Collectors of NeonFluf NFTs gain the following benefits:

  • Limited 1/10 Artwork or 1/25 (Rare) Edition
  • VIP Access to Merchandise & Events
  • Exclusive Community & VIP Airdrops
  • NeonFlufs will feature in NFTme
  • Added Value from Fluf World Floor Price
  • Early Access to Future NFT Drops
  • Giveaways & Discount Offers

Neon Flufs aren't your standard NFT drop, we aim to be different and bring much added value to our collectors. There are only limited editions of each unique design, these will always be a finite amount, 90%+ have ten or less, with a few rare editions of twenty-five. Collectors have the right to print your own designs for your personal use.

All NeonFluf Collectors will receive VIP access to merchandise and live IRL events. NeonFluf Collectors will also receive community airdrops from time to time, and VIPs (and whales) will recieve airdrops of higher value.

Featuring on the NFTme TV Series by award-winning US Producer Tech Talk Media will provide huge awareness for NeonFlufs and additional exposure and value. One lucky collector will be chosen to feature as a guest on the new TV Series taking NFTs to the masses.

Collectors gain additional value from the soaring price of the Fluf World NFT Collection at over 5ETH, you also get early access to future NFT drops, giveaways and discount offers.

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